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Basic 7 Day Meal Plan eBook


This ebook is a really basic guide that will help you stock your fridge and pantry, meal-prep, and feed yourself healthy, nourishing food for the week. It includes: 

  • Tips and tricks for meal planning & weekend meal-prep
  • A basic meal plan for the week
  • Shopping lists to make your life easier
  • A whole lot of delicious recipes to enjoy

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Pantry Basics Printable


Keeping a well-stocked pantry filled with whole foods is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and incorporating wholesome ingredients into every meal. Having a variety of herbs and spices, condiments, grains, and legumes, makes it so much easier to prepare easy, delicious meals without too much trouble. I’ve put together a list of some basic tips for stocking a healthy pantry, as well as some of the basic ingredients that I try to have on hand at all times in this post. You can click on the picture below for the link to download a healthy pantry basics printable that you can stick up on your fridge or in your pantry 🙂