Thank you for taking the time to read Taste & See 🙂 In the interest of transparency, honesty, and being clear about how my blog functions, this disclaimer page contains behind the scenes information that you can read through should you feel like it.


I am a MSc Human Nutrition student, currently in the process of completing my degree. This means that I and not yet a qualified nutritionist. I am, however, planning to register with the following professional bodies during/following my studies:

  • The Association For Nutrition (AfN), which is a registered charity that holds the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) and aims to protect and benefit the public by defining and advancing standards of evidence-based practiced across the field of nutrition.
  • The Nutrition Society, a not for profit, membership organisation that is dedicated to advancing the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health.

I uphold myself to the highest of standards, and aim to abide by a professional code of conduct and set ethical guidelines in my conduct and practice. Transparency is very important to me as it builds trust from a professional viewpoint, as well as on a personal, moral and ethical level too.

The advice, information, and recipes that I provide on this blog are aimed at the general public who wishes to learn more about nutrition and food, and does not replace the personally tailored advice that can be given by a fully qualified and experienced dietitian, doctor, or other health professional. The information that is provided on this blog will be evidence-based, justifiable information advice, and I will not aim to provide false or misleading information. I aim to use my scientific knowledge, skills, and expertise as a dietetics student is an accurate and professionally responsible manner. In order to maintain confidentiality, please choose to use the contact form or send me a private email if you have an inquiry that requires divulging personal information.

The Taste & See Blog

My aim is to use this blog as a platform for sharing my scientific knowledge and experiences in the field of dietetics and nutrition as I learn to provide the tools for you to make healthier food choices. I choose to encourage a holistic, balanced approach in promoting health and lifestyle changes that can be sustained in the long-term. I encourage that most foods be eaten in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet and do not believe that specific foods can be classed as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, however I do believe in a few key pillars that are of importance in one’s diet (read here). 

I choose to write about topics that are of interest to me as a nutrition student, and am often inspired my new nutrition research, articles that I stumble across in the media, topics that we cover in class, and other questions and things that I come across in my everyday life. My intention in sharing these things with you is to provide you with evidence-based views on common misconceptions that we face on a daily basis, to get you to think more about the way that food impacts your health, and with the ultimate intention of showing each reader ways in which they can follow a healthier lifestyle.

As an individual I am continually learning, both as a student and in my personal life. Therefore I do not claim to know everything, but I have access to the knowledge, resources and individuals to research topics and provide sound evidence. Research in the field of dietetics is constantly evolving, and new discoveries are being made each day. Older blog posts of mine may contain out of date information, so please contact be if you have any questions regarding this and we can clarify them. With regards to special dietary needs and allergies, it is your responsibility to ensure that ingredients used in my recipes are indeed suitable for your consumption. If my recipes are marked as ‘gluten free’ it is still your responsibility to check that each ingredient that you use to make the recipe is labelled as ‘gluten free’, as different ingredients and products vary on their gluten content depending on the brand and methods of processing.


All of the photos and illustrations found on this blog should not be reproduced or used without the owners permission. Please contact me should you with to use any of my photographs or illustrations.


I will always acknowledge the source(s) from which I obtain information/ideas/recipes that are included in blog posts. Should you find any information where I accidentally may not have given proper credit to the original owner of the information/idea/recipe, please do not hesitate to contact me in order for me to correct it.

Sponsorship, Advertisements and Endorsements

All of the opinions, reviews, and promotion of specific brands and products are my own: no form of sponsorship or incentive will influence the content. Any reviews of products are based on my personal taste, preferences and use of the product. However, in the interest of blogging in an ethical and transparent manner, any financial or professional interest will be declared in specific blog posts. If I blog about a product it will be due to the fact that I truly believe that the product is valuable, and because it fits in with the dietary beliefs and recommendations that I would follow myself. If I receive a product as a free sample, or acquire any money or gift as a result of expressing specific views, it will be clearly highlighted on the specific posts. I do not advocate claims about particular products that are not backed up by scientific evidence, and will not promote one brand over another.